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What industries does Rootcode Labs serve?
Rootcode Labs serves over 27 industries which includes Business Intelligence and Geospatial systems to Healthcare and Fintech.
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What type of services Rootcode Labs offer?
Rootcode Labs offers services from large-scale enterprises to start-ups ranging from software development services, designing and prototyping, building MVPs and AI solutions. Click on ‘Our Services’ to know more about what Rootcode Labs offers.
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How can I sign up for Rootcode’s mailing list?
Sign up for our mailing list by clicking .
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I wish to get in touch with Rootcode Labs. How can I do it?
There are several ways you can get in touch with us. You can select the option to ‘Contact Us’ and submit the required information such as your name, email and we’ll get back to you within no time. You could also schedule a call with one of our representatives by clicking on the ‘Talk to us’ and select an appropriate date and time. You can also send us an email on or simply call us on our hotlines +1323 329 7549 (US) | +372 602 7604 (Estonia) | +94112 574 572 (Sri Lanka) to clarify any questions you may have.
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What are the benefits of partnering up with Rootcode Labs?
  • At Rootcode Labs we strive for excellence. We initially identify the core of your business and follow the industry’s best practices towards creating world-class software which maximizes business efficiency.

  • Your company will get access to an A team who are equipped with the technological expertise and experience to provide an amazing customer experience.

  • We will make sure to get the vetted talent for your team so we can help you build the perfect product that you envision.
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How can I apply for Rootcode Labs?
Rootcode is growing like never before and we would love to have you onboard. Check out our available vacancies from the ‘Careers’ page.
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What’s the interview process at Rootcode Labs?
After we receive your resume, our talent acquisition team will contact you if you are shortlisted. If you are selected for the next stage of the interview process, you are likely to undertake an assessment where you will be assessed based on your abilities and skills.