Legacy Application Modernization

Need to upgrade or
revamp your legacy

Let's re-design and re-mould
your software systems for the better.

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Transforming your
legacy applications to
become more agile

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At Rootcode Labs we can help you reshape your business models and find new values by implementing up-to-date software solutions to meet current consumers’ and market demands. Bid goodbye to outdated software products and say hello to better systems with modern functionalities, UI/UX, improved scalability, and performance.

How it works


Legacy application analysis

We analyze your existing systems to understand the best ways to upgrade them. Our work is aimed to identify the most attractive opportunities and business values modernization can bring.


Project execution

Once all the requirements are finalized, we proceed to the execution. Everything will be managed by the Project Management team, similar to the deployment of web, mobile and custom software projects.


Integration services

When the software is developed, we integrate it with the rest of the applications used within your organization. Besides, we offer user training services with clear guidelines and assistance.


Support and maintenance

We are at your disposal for technical support services, such as further maintenance, bug-fixing, troubleshooting, and many more.

Key Benefits

We want to build you nothing less than a great piece of software. Here’s a quick
glance at the benefits we never fail to deliver.

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Quick Start

We will take the necessary steps to analyze your business needs and the model to provide you with a break-down structure that divides your project into smaller divisions so that you’re aware of the progress.

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On-time delivery

Thanks to coherent planning & standard-driven approach to development, we guarantee you an on-time software project delivery. At the beginning of cooperation with your team, we will let you know the approximate date of project release.

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Project control

We focus on transparent cooperation, quality and customer satisfaction. You can monitor project progress via our online customer portal. There you will be notified about all the changes made and gain access to the project.

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Dedicated Developers

We have a team of experts, with the vetted talent to handle all the tedious work. After execution, we will be at your disposal for advice and continuous support.