One of our middle eastern clients turned to Rootcode Labs to develop their official mobile application that could bridge the gap between the insurance companies and potential insurers. This gave an opportunity for the business to break away from the traditional insurance process and generate a list of quotations of the insurance companies based on the requirements and the details provided by the user and get a comparison of the selected insurance companies.

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Aman required the application to not just allow its users to obtain information about certain insurance companies but also to generate a list of comparisons of quotations from each insurance company so the user gets multiple options to choose from. Other vital features like chat options, viewing upcoming premiums, rapid notifications and live updates, security features such as standardized SSL connections, user authentications and secured payment gateways were included in the application as per clients’ requirements.

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Our fully fledged developers and UI/UX designers examined the pressure points to overcome the challenges. We put our fullest capabilities to create a one-stop-shop for the target crowds to explore, compare and select the most suitable insurance option to secure their future. To overcome the challenges, the team conducted market research and communicated with the client to obtain information about the culture and principles, to create an application that makes the user feel satisfied and comfortable. Our team conducted customer profiling techniques collaboratively to create a portrait of our target customers and their ways of interactions with mobile applications.
Moreover, the team analyzed the user requirements, to develop a single window for over 2 million potential clients, allowing them to not only compare the insurance premiums but to also purchase an insurance package in a less redundant, efficient and secure manner.

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The app allowed the client to build and retain valuable customer relationships, generating revenue. With this marvellous idea and our efforts on design and developments, we helped to reach a milestone in the insurance industry of the Middle Eastern region.