Cryptocurrency trading platform


We had to come up with a web application which would act as a platform for trading these bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This was one of the challenging projects we have worked on as we had to make sure every code we write and all those outputs meets the international compliances and security standards.

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Our primary challenge was to explain a new and unconventional technology in a way that was universally understandable. This meant focusing heavily on the value and convenience of Cryptocurrency while dropping the technical jargon that often scares away new adopters. But now in the recent past this trend of cryptocurrency has been changing. It is said that 42 percent of the world’s top 50 universities now offer at least one course on cryptocurrency or blockchain realizing the upwards shift trend.We had to also make sure our web application met with the international standards and compliances. Apart from the security we had to make sure the database is flexible as each time new products (Ex: Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin) are added, There we had to go with a database like MongoDB which is a flexible document data model that allows the team to quickly update existing data structures as necessary.

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With our team focusing on clear type and a modern design, we created a simple and striking website to make the mysterious world of cryptocurrency clear and accessible. Our application has since become one of the most popular Cryptocurrency wallet and trading platforms. Our team worked day and night in order to make sure the speed at which they can scale — from hours to minutes — and their overall platform resilience by 10x, preparing them better for the future. By doing this our application is able to handle millions of users and transactions at the same given time without crashing or slowing down.

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With easy to understand interface and secure payment systems our web application was so convenient and robust. This increased the user base and daily traders using the application. With the dashboards and customizable widgets users get a detailed view of their transactions. This web application also allows the users to trade most of the used cryptocurrency types available in the market.