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The client wanted Rootcode Labs to build an ecommerce platform that helps to boost sales from foreigners. Additionally the client stressed on the fact that these handcrafts belong to the niche market, therefore, it was necessary to bring out the value of purchasing carefully designed handicrafts from our client as it was necessary to bring out a competitive edge to our client that differentiated from the rest of the competition

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We had to put extra time and effort into the UI/UX in order to reduce the number of clicks the user has to go through because additional clicks can often be seen as new opportunities to lose customers. Search engines have become an essential element of the online experience for millions of users. The Search Engine Journal accurately assesses the critical importance of search engine optimization to e-commerce success with a statistic of 93% of online activity begins with a search. Avoiding search engine optimization could quickly place you in the minority of online experiences, a status which could be lethal to your e-commerce goals. So our team of specialized web developers made sure that the website fulfills all the criteria in order to have a good SEO score therefore the website is shown in the top during a search made related to the keywords.

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Considering all the above challenges that arise to advertise every product available on the site at that scale on that many keywords without writing thousands of individual ads, Our website uses “Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to make the keyword you are searching for magically appear inside the headline and description of the ad with a templated ad in any search engine search results. We do this by using the AdWords API to programmatically generate unique landing page URLs based on a keyword you search on the search engine such as Google. This solution allows the page to rank to the top as well as get enough attention and traffic through searches. This has raised the visibility and number of visitors to the page in a dramatic way.

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The website's overall conversion rate increased by 12.5%, with its mobile conversion rate going up by nearly 30%. All in all, this equated to an additional 93% increase in their sales revenue through the e-commerce platform. The store is also now able to maintain data about their customers which they can use to give them a customized service. The platform has also enabled the store who was selling products locally to sell products internationally. Our integrated payment gateway makes it even easier to make sure payments are done faster and safer. The visibility the store has received from SEO, AdWords etc are the main reason they have seen such a hike in sales.