Kelly Felder


Online sale is a rapidly growing element for many businesses. With a global market value of $759.5 billion in 2021, apparel, accessories, and footwear have become the number one E-Commerce sector in the world. Online shopping offers fashion shoppers a variety of opportunities as a part of their marketing and business strategy. Most of the buyers are influenced by this wide range of services available online that lead them towards a perfect online experience. Considering these facts, we have created these designs to fuel the growth of the E-Commerce fashion industry.

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Design Process

We Started the project with a user centric approach,addressing the whole user experience. During different phases of the project, used a variety of research techniques to gather data and incorporated the findings into the design.

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Design System

A Design System is the single source of truth that groups all the elements that will allow the teams to design, realize and develop a product. So a Design System is not a deliverable, but a set of deliverables. It will evolve constantly with the product, the tools, and the new technologies.

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Accessibility Considerations

For the Kelly Felder website, applied the following accessibility considerations: Colors to pass the contrast guidelines interfaces with clear layouts with distinct buttons, menus, and calls to action. Used Interactive Elements Wisely Allow users to resize the screens.