The internet makes buyers and sellers more visible and accessible to each other locally and globally. The opportunity to connect quickly and efficiently to multiple markets can pave the path for smaller businesses to grow. Without E-commerce, establishing a physical presence in multiple markets can be costly, and sometimes, it might be difficult for small-scale businesses to digitize their businesses by going online due to numerous limitations. This project targets designing an E-Commerce platform that helps small-scale business owners in the country to easily go online and sell their products to a wider range of consumers.

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Project Objectives & design approach

To introduce an E-commerce platform that caters the timely needs of the general public who are interested in buying locally produced goods and to develop a one stop shop for the customers to buy all their daily needs with a wide array of product availability. We Started the project with a user-centric approach, addressing the whole user experience. During different phases of the project, used a variety of research techniques to gather data and incorporated the findings into the design.

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Wireframes and user interfaces

We have created wireframes for certain features of the application as follows. These two-dimensional illustrations of the page's interfaces will specifically focus on space allocation and prioritization of content functionalities available, and the intended behaviors of the functions.

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The E-commerce industry in Sri Lanka has seen exponential growth during the past few years. This has made E-commerce a very attractive trade to Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs. Due to the relative ease of getting started with an E-commerce business, we are seeing numerous new E-commerce websites getting launched each day. Given the competition of the market, putting up a user-friendly design is not only about having a great idea but also creating a design that addresses empathy, accessibility, consistency, visual hierarchy, marketing aspects, etc.