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We help you create your dream team of developers, product designers, data scientists, etc and give you the flexibility to customize your team as you go

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We have the right blend of talent to build that product you have in mind. Our high-performing, full-stack specialists provide the expertise you’re looking for to deliver solutions using cutting-edge performance. Whether you need an app built from scratch, are on a rescue mission for an existing product, or need some extra muscle to help your internal team, we got you covered.

How it works


Set up

We will define the necessary skills, select the best candidates that prove to be the correct match for your project and aim to optimize the team structure.



We will screen the selected candidates if necessary and do any knowledge transfers to the team you bring in along with team integration.



Establish clear communication between you and our team and ensure compliance with security requirements and standards.



Along the way of the project, we can expand our team if necessary according to the project needs and assure you the highest quality and maximize efficiency.

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Key Benefits

Having the right-sized team can be difficult. At Rootcode, you can scale up
when you choose to and customize as and when you need to.

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Your business needs come first

Our goal is to build value-centered products. We put your requirements on top of the list and make sure what we build aligns with your business model and objectives.

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Hand-picked, full-stack developers

A good team is behind every great win. We want to make sure we pick the right candidates for your job, so we can build the perfect product for you.

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Continuous training

We always train our teams and our minds to keep up with the latest technology tools and trends to ensure we build nothing but the best software for you.

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Reduced cost & risk

Onboarding a dedicated, flexible team is much efficient than hiring on a project basis at an hourly rate. This allows you to scale up and control a dedicated team in terms of availability.